Agent Leadership Council

Mission, Vision, Values, Beliefs & Perspective

Agent Leadership Councils


To guarantee our associates a vehicle for giving direct input as to the operation of Keller Williams.

To be an interdependent synergistic Leadership Team that protects and enhances the vitality of our Company, culture, and Profit Share System.


(What is important to Agent Leadership Councils)

·     ALC members should attend and successfully complete all ALC training programs and commit to the ALC Covenant Agreement prior to serving on any ALC.
·   ALC members should be diligent about reading and understanding the P&G Manual and hold everyone accountable for following the policies and guidelines.
·        Be the forum for the creation of all policies, guidelines and procedures.
·        We believe votes are sacred and should not be political.
·     ALC members should address their motivation for each vote and look at how decisions will impact ALL.  (International, Regional Directors/Owners, Market Center Brokers/Owners, Team Leaders, Employees, and Profit Share participants).
·        ALC members individually vote for the greater good of the entire Company.
·        ALC members are educated on the issues and discuss and debate the issues.
·       Regional Directors provide information on the issues and facilitate meetings so NALC delegates can discuss and debate the issues.
·         Inspire and create leadership.
·         Provide unity and a spirit of team support.
·         Produce the innovation, creativity and leadership for the implementation of these ideas.
·         Keep our professional standards and public image “world class.
·         Work toward helping our associates become the very best sales people and business people possible.
·         Assist in setting annual Market Center goals and plans and take an active part in implementing those plans.
·         Help the Market Centers achieve these goals.
·         Being on a Local, Regional or National ALC is the highest honor bestowed in the Keller Williams System.


(The rules we live by)

Win-Win or no deal
Creativity, ideas before results
Integrity, do the right thing
Teamwork, together everyone achieves more
Customers, always come first
Trust, begins with honestly
Commitment in all things
Success, results through people
Communication, seek first to understand



Our Leadership Councils are continuing to grow in their leadership skills.

2016 Agent Leadership Council
Richard Olden
Finance Committee Chair
Tiffany Neri
Technology Committee Chair
Shaun Marion
KW Cares Committee Chair
Ruth Petrella
Events Committee Chair
Claudia Marion
Events Committee
Chris Ward
Education Committee Chair
John McNamara III
Education Committee
Mike Kruse
Growth Committee Chair
Trish Williams
Growth Committee
Ely Baylon
Growth Committee